O2O Marketing: The Rise of New Retail in China 🧨

Photo by Lauza Loistl on Unsplash

What is O2O Marketing?

Online to offline (O2O) marketing allows brands to connect with and reach their consumers and to activate an offline retail experience. Therefore, it encourages consumers to connect with retailers and take their online connection off-line.

The Advantage of Using This Strategy

The success of online to offline marketing — which is estimated to reach over 150 billion USD in consumer spending by 2022 — depends on the digital ecosystem. Over 99.1% of consumers have access to mobile Internet and spend an average of five hours and 50 minutes online. Therefore, the easiest, most effective way to target this digital consumer is online.

  1. Inclusion; and
  2. Validation or approval from peers.

How are Retailers Implementing this Channel?

Businesses and retailers are already redistributing their advertising spend so that the lion’s share goes to digital marketing. Part of that strategy requires that you implement effective O2O marketing. However, O2O marketing isn’t limited to pop-up ads or prompts reminding customers of an annual or seasonal sale. Instead, it is far more interactive and customized.

The Future of Online to Offline Marketing in China

Additionally, 69% of customers purchase items online after viewing them in-store. This is commonly referred to as “ showrooming “ .

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