How Digital Agencies Can Improve Customer Reports

Aron Frost
5 min readMay 18, 2020

For digital marketing agencies, verifying ROI to a customer can often be an uphill struggle. KPIs differ hugely from customer to customer, as they have to align with the goals of individual marketing strategies. Therefore, it could be difficult to demonstrate clearly the ‘progress’ or favourable ROI garnered by the efforts of your agency.

An extensive regular monthly report provides the metrics with which a company can determine both its sales development and the ROI it has added to the bottom line. Data-driven, goal-oriented metrics encourage professionals to remain truthful and hardworking.

Reports should not be perceived as arbitrary records that are sent to customers for the simple sake of abiding by the treatments. They are essential puzzle pieces that collate insight into your services and advertising-related tasks in one location.

Nothing makes customers happier than a graph charting the success of their projects. However, gathering and organising all relevant information into charts, and writing up corresponding client reports can be a strenuous job. It does take time and effort; however, it is only one of the essential processes that will benefit you and your customer. If done properly, it will pay off, as it can enable you to rise to the top of your business performance.

What is a Marketing Report?

A marketing report includes data from various systems that reveal the performance outcomes of your marketing approach. The purpose of your marketing report is to comprehend whether the advertising techniques you currently employ are effective, as well as how you could improve them, if necessary.

Consisting of objectives, advertising methods, and market research, it is used to interact effectively with a company’s marketing method. Discussions and evaluations of such methods are backed up by research and statistics. They also reveal the core of the marketing treatment, including research methodologies, restricted time approaches, purposes, and anticipated outcomes.

Why is Market Reporting Necessary?

By creating reports for customers and organising regular meetings, you can ensure that both your customer and your business…

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