How Digital Agencies Can Improve Customer Reports

What is a Marketing Report?

A marketing report includes data from various systems that reveal the performance outcomes of your marketing approach. The purpose of your marketing report is to comprehend whether the advertising techniques you currently employ are effective, as well as how you could improve them, if necessary.

Why is Market Reporting Necessary?

By creating reports for customers and organising regular meetings, you can ensure that both your customer and your business are on the same page. Organisations can recognise the customer’s requirements and expectations, while customers are educated on the performance and approaches of the business. With clearer communication and greater transparency, they are both answerable to their roles.

The 6 Crucial Metrics That Should Be In Your Marketing Report

Advertising, marketing, and sales system alignment can generate critical insight into marketing activity. Although different approaches are suitable to different KPIs, below are six fundamental sections that should belong to every marketing report:

Growth of Customer’s Base

In your marketing report, you might have shown that paid advertising tends to do much better than organic. This section offers you the opportunity to show the numbers.

Website Visits Sorted by Source

Where are your visitors coming from, and how are different source avenues (organic, paid, Search Engine Optimisation, etc.) working for you? This section of your marketing report will group all relevant information together so that you can set achievable micro-goals based on different channels or avenues for the future.

List Building Record

In addition to demonstrating the total amount of leads your advertising and marketing initiatives are drawing in, list building reports inform you about the leads themselves: who they are and what type of consumer they are. This information can allow your customer to determine, with confidence, how each lead can be nurtured throughout the sales lifecycle.

Results of Campaigns

Time to give some historical context while showcasing how brilliant your company has been this month. Contrasts this month’s work with that of the past six months or year. Progress most often takes place in small increments, which is why a broader perspective allows your customer and you to set reasonable expectations. You’ll also be able to utilise your month-to-month advertising and marketing record to optimise your advertising strategy continually.

Paid Media Web Traffic

Similarly, if you’ve run Paid Media campaigns ( Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.), including major KPIs (key performance indicators) and achievements to date to indicate the extent to which such campaigns have succeeded. You can put the discussion of the remaining targets yet to be hit in the appendix, or a separate section linked to this one.

Memorable Mentions

Finally, social mentions that illustrate genuine sentiment from social networks, testimonials or press are always a plus. Rounding up a monthly report with human touch gives your customer a sense of their presence in the lives of their customers. After all, not all sentiments or opinions can be captured by numbers or graphs.


Client reporting is the best approach to foster and improve your client-agency business relationship. Communicating your marketing efforts and results to your clients regularly allows them to gauge your efforts. Without a doubt, client reporting will help you grow your agency business.

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