A Winning Digital Marketing Strategy for Luxury Brands

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Content marketing for luxury brands

When you run a luxury brand, you never want to sacrifice your brand image through failed marketing attempts, yet you need to test different strategies to find a marketing plan that works for you. So, how do you test your marketing strategies without sacrificing the luxury image you have worked so hard to achieve?

Well, here are a few ways you can use digital marketing for your luxury brand without risking your brand image.

Keep the Focus on the Visuals

Digital marketing makes it easy to use visuals in all your advertising to showcase the beauty of your products. No matter what industry your business operates within, as a luxury brand you ensure all your products look as good as they work. So, you might as well put that effort in making your products look great into your marketing as well.

A great way to keep the focus on visuals involves using social networks like Pinterest and Instagram. These social media naturally keep you focused on digital marketing through visuals, so they make for an easy way to break into social media as a luxury brand.

Utilizing these social media also makes for a great way to engage with your customers. According to a report by Digimind conducted in 2018, 93% of all customer engagement with luxury brands occur on Instagram.

You can also use visuals to create a stunning website for your brand that showcases exactly what makes your products unique.

The Apple website is a great example of a luxury brand effectively using style and visuals to showcase their products. Their most popular product, the iPhone, only contains a few short paragraphs to describe the product. The rest of the product page focuses entirely on pictures. This both enforces their established brand of products that are simple to use and shows you exactly what an iPhone can do without telling you.

Tell Your Customers Why You Exist

While it is always important for your customers to understand exactly what your products do, they also want to know about who they buy products from. By simply telling your customers why you started your business and what makes you different, you can build an effective emotional connection with your audience. This builds brand loyalty and gets people talking about your brand story to their friends creating a network of referrals.

Most luxury brands think just having an About Us page gives their audience enough information about their brand, but who actually reads about us pages? Instead, you should include why your brand exists directly onto your home page. This immediately builds an emotional connection with your customers as soon as they pull up your site.

You can also include a short story within your product pages explaining how you came up with the product and why. By telling your customers why they feel as though they’re buying products from an actual person instead of just a huge company.

The importance of telling your customers why you exist cannot be understated. It’s so important that Simon Sinek, a thought leader in advertising, wrote an entire book on the topic called “Start with Why.”

Utilize Content Marketing and SEO

As a luxury brand, you want to portray yourself as an industry expert that fully understands what your customers need. You can achieve this through content marketing.

By using long-form blog posts, you can deliver your customers the information they need to use your products to their full potential. Through creating these types of informational posts you also tell your customers the exact problems your products can solve without constraining yourself to just a few paragraphs. This gives you the option to go into as much detail as you want.

You can also use content marketing in the form of highly visual content to show your customers exactly what your product would look like for them. You can tailor the photos to specific use cases of your product letting your customers see the end results they can achieve through the use of your products. This lets your customers feel as though they’ve already tried your product before they even buy it.

An added benefit to implementing content marketing into your digital marketing efforts are the boosts in SEO through creating content. This boost in SEO drives organic traffic to your site whenever someone experiencing an issue your product solves stumbles onto a piece of your content. When this happens, you can treat that individual as a warm lead instead of a cold one since they already understand what your product can do for them. Now, all you have to do is answer a few questions they have to turn them into a paying customer.

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Luxury Brand

Now that you understand some key benefits of implementing digital marketing into your business, you might be considering hiring an agency to handle this aspect of your business. But, how do you choose an agency to carefully craft a marketing plan that helps further establish your business as a luxury brand instead of harm it?

The first step in hiring a digital marketing agency that understands luxury brands is finding one with experience in luxury brand marketing.

Due to the unique nature associated with marketing a luxury brand, you want to hire an agency that understands all of your specific needs. By hiring an agency with luxury brand experience, you can also find out how effective they were in marketing their previous clients. This helps reduce your risks while turning over a higher ROI. While an agency specialized in luxury brands might cost more, it always pays off in the long run.

You also want a digital marketing agency that can own every aspect of your marketing efforts. This prevents several experts from constantly blaming each other for any issues with your marketing strategy while also taking the credit for any wins. It also helps with making a cohesive marketing strategy that utilizes all potential channels and tactics.

Whether you choose to hire a digital marketing agency or do it yourself for your luxury brand, always take the time to plan out your marketing strategy so you enforce your established brand image without harming it.

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